TwoSet Violin

Sheet Music Plus

Nocturne – Respighi arranged for Orchestra
available in Italian
Lavender Haze – Taylor Swift arranged for Piano
Song of the Sea – Various
arranged for Piano & Voice


Reuben Tozer-Loft is a composer  and arranger from Sheffield. He has arranged for orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, a cappella groups, soloists, for film, and for beginner musicians. 

He worked with TwoSet Violin (australian comedy violinists) on their 2023/4 World Tour. This included a concert with the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra, as well as shows across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. He also wrote music for their “music battle” with fellow youtuber Davie504, and a handful of video projects.

For commissions, please use the contact icons below. Reuben’s publicly available arrangements are listed on Sheet Music Plus and Sheet Music Direct. Reuben is fluent with Dorico, Musescore, and Sibelius.