Reuben Tozer-Loft is a British composer from Sheffield.

Reuben’s pieces have been played by Orkest de Ereprijs, TwoSet Violin, and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. He has written for concert and film; jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and sacred music. The music he writes often references fauna and linguistics. At Birmingham University, he studied music with Michael Zev Gordon, winning the University’s composition prize in 2021. Reuben is a vegan, a beatboxer, and a linguist[1]. He currently lives in Bologna, Italy.

This is Reuben. He is about to enjoy an ice cream.


A restless setting of Emily Brontë, examining our troubled relationship with nature.
Double SATB
a cosmological setting of Pablo Neruda


a playful story about geese
SSA and Bass Clarinet
a wintery setting of Katherine Towers
A hearty setting of Nigel Quantill-Tozer, admiring the common man
SATB with Trumpet
a grand holy communion setting of Rumi
SATB, Organ, and Small Orchestra


a playful pasta-themed take on the string-quartet
String Quartet
a whale’s first encounter with a rainbow
Double Bass and Piano
a celebration of loneliness


a windy, dewswept walk in the North of England
String Orchestra
a baffling case, uncovered by Hercule Poirot
SAMTB Soloists and Contemporary Ensemble
a zoomorphic experience of consciousness, from inside a human brain
Chamber Orchestra

a celebration of transport in the Midlands

Jazz Quintet

a set of chopin inspired pieces for the restless sleeper

a journey inspired by Elijah Walton’s painting and nature’s aptitude for awe
Chamber Orchestra
a critique of atmospheric stasis
Piano and Violin
a dialogue between pugnacious, melodic, characters
a boat drifting away to sea
the joy felt watching falling snow.
Wind Quintet
a short trip to London arranged for the beginner pianist.
Beginner Piano


I created the soundtrack for Alfred Taylor’s uncanny short film. The score uses popcorn and synthesizers.
I scored Rory Applin’s short comedy film following the elaborate romantic escapades of students. The score combines military brass band music with EDM.
I rescored the title sequence for Battlestar Galactica.
A very short, jazzy micro-cue for a film of a skateboarder.