for String Quartet

a wild, pasta-themed whirlwind of strings.

for Double SATB
a restless setting of Emily Brontë, examining our troubled relationship with nature.
La Victoria
for SATB
a cosmological setting of Pablo Neruda.
for Double Bass and Piano
a whale’s first encounter with a rainbow.
Sheffield Nocturne
for SATB
a wintery setting of Katherine Towers.
for String Orchestra
a windy, dewswept walk in the Peak.
For the Love of the Common Man
for SATB and Trumpet
As it Dawned
for Chamber Orchestra
a zoomorphic experience of consciousness.
A Goose
for SSA and Bass Clarinet
a playful story about geese.
Birmingham New St.
Jazz Quintet
a celebration of transport in the Midlands.
for Orkest de Ereprijs + voices
a baffling murder mystery.
The Dislodger
Film Score
a short film with a touch of the uncanny.
A Festive Duet
for Solo Piano
a celebration of loneliness.
Amber Alert
Film Score
an elaborate romantic escapade.
Two Nocturnes
for Solo Piano
a set of pieces for the restless sleeper.
Monte Civetta
for Chamber Orchestra
inspired by Elijah Walton’s painting.
for Violin and Piano
a critique of atmospheric stasis.
Thou Art My King
for SATB, Organ, and Small Orchestra
a grand setting of Rumi
for Solo Piano
a dialogue between pugnacious characters.
for Solo Piano
a boat drifting away to sea
for Wind Quintet
the joy felt watching falling snow.
The Bearskin Hat
for Solo Piano
a short trip to London.